Ruhong Chen


Ruhong Chen
untitled, 2020
ring; soil, Akoya pearl, oxidised fine silver, gold leaf
27 x 20 x 6 mm

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Buddhist philosophy proposes that individuals are merely collections of experiences and everything in the world is constantly changing, so has an essence of impermanence. It suggests suffering can be overcome when people are mindful of this impermanence. Inspired by this, I explore the idea of fragility through transient materials such as talc, soil and charcoal. These pieces have a lifespan and go through a transformative process, physically and conceptually, when interacting with the wearer. Hidden preciousness is eventually revealed through wearing. The hidden pearls and gold symbolise the serenity achieved through acceptance of our own impermanent state. The wearer can draw their own symbolic values and meanings from experiencing this transitory jewellery.

Weight 130 g


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