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Jiayi Lao


Jiayi Lao
The Device of Wonder, 2020
pendant; clear SLA, acylic, steel cable silver

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I often find myself peeking into other worlds. I was unaware of this habit until I began to reflect on it. The experience of unconscious peeking in my life opened me to a deeper consideration of my motivation and the motivation of others. From the perspective of a ‘peeker’, I regard my actions as small, private desires to look closely when I was attracted by something. I believe our unconscious can choose our inner desires for us. Peeking or looking in a voyeuristic manner is more often regarded as a negative behaviour – an invasion of privacy. In this collection, I re-examine and explore this behaviour from a more nuanced perspective. It is my aim to highlight the nature of this action through the relationship of mirrored objects, their reflected external context and the reciprocal relationship of seeing and being seen.

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