Margherita Chinchio


Margherita Chinchio
Screens Blend, 2020
Pin; hand-coated acrylic glass

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The new maker transports information: archiving, assembling, recasting, cutting and pasting. The digital era is characterised by constant observation and feedback. Images beget images and beyond both verbal discourse and context, content is often immediately incorporated into a new work. What defines authorship and authenticity in today’s network society? Is context the new content? What happens when the same images are shared between people involved in a single creative field? I question and mimic these mechanisms after selecting and assembling images of jewellery on Instagram, I created new hybrid designs. Each is handmade moulded in wax and shaped with a vacuum machine. They are a collage of jewellery made by other artists and collected online.

Every piece is unique and the colours and shapes vary for every pin. Please send us an email if you want to see images of all the available ones.

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