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Tatum Gentry


Tatum Gentry
untitled, 2019
pendant; plastic, sterling silver, yarn
various dimensions

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My work focuses on the body and its relationship to objects, how we position ourselves around the things we collect and what they tell others about us. My necklaces use the cultural signifiers of my adolescence, the things we adorned ourselves with to fit in. Those objects that we carry and the jewellery that we wear mean something to us. I am trying to discover what that meaning is. Sex. Kink. Phallic. Obscene. These themes surface in my work and are always accompanied by the notion of innocence. I make soft suggestions of impure thoughts, to implicate the viewer. My work harnesses the confusion of sex, innocence, the obscene and the clean – bringing the viewer or wearer back to a time of adolescence, when you question everything, ultimately compelling you to think about the objects you live with and why.

Weight 130 g


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