Eunji Han


Eunji Han
untitled, 2019
pin; Hanji (Korean traditional paper), cotton yarn and stainless steel

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Through this project I want to portray vitality and a new way of looking at living things using the medium of jewellery. To do this, I use embroidery. You can feel the directionality and rhythm in each stitch, forming points, lines and planes, and the texture conveys fine movement which represents liveliness. Embroidery is highly decorative and stimulates our visual senses, allowing me to express the flow and cycle of life and the growth of living things. Through freehand drawing, I focus on reproduction, proliferation, transformation, movement and growth. I use Hanji, Korean paper, piling it up to create a substantial form and embroidering on top of this. The organic and ambiguous form of the Hanji reminds me of living creatures and stimulates my imagination.

Weight 130 g


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