Jaehyun Lee


Jaehyun Lee
See You in My Dreams, 2019
pin; gold-plated copper

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I create ornaments based on my dreams, connecting the conscious and unconscious worlds. I analyse the psycho- logical meaning of my dreams and connect them to how I feel. I noted the powerful images that came up in my dreams and turned them into drawings. I then extracted the images I felt most strongly about and exaggerated, distorted, rearranged and repeated them, creating a surrealistic quality. Although these dreams are personal, everyone can empathise because the symbols are universal. It was cathartic to express my repressed desires and emotions and it allowed me to explore and understand my inner self more deeply. Dreams are a resting place where one can imagine freely and go beyond reality. As long as humans are curious about the unconscious world, there will still be many stories that dreams can tell.

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