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Chloé Valorso


Chloé Valorso
Snake Medicine, 2019
pendant; bronze, silver, cotton string

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Working with the resurgence of magic in the 21st century, I investigate my reality, forging the unreal from fragments of the real. After winning the RCA’s Onno Boekhoudt Travel Award I took part in a shamanic training in Bali. My work delves into my immersive trance experiences by embracing the animistic vision. I aim to bring back magical thinking as a strategy to access an altered state of consciousness and enter an alternative reality. We live in a porous world where the fine line between fiction and reality is disappearing (again). I am interested in this liminality in materials, spaces, people. Using jewellery and objects as shamanic language, my pieces are amulets, empowering the wearer through their compelling symbolic and material qualities. They transform and encourage a contemplative and spiritual approach to our environment, an invitation to perceive the re-enchantment of our world.

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