Estonia, Tallinn, Estonian Academy of Arts, 2019

To perceive our surroundings we mostly rely on our eyes. My work looks at how our attention directs our gaze. Our movements are relatively automatic as we follow well-worn paths and the things around us become almost invisible, without significance. Sometimes the unexpected happens and you see things differently, like the random bits of pipe, fragments of rubber or lengths of cable that have inspired my work. Getting tangled up in cables has opened up new and unusual horizons for me.


I want to show that sometimes a shape might convey a false message, a miscommunication, and an illusion takes place. Stone is exceptionally durable and therefore can be considered the most tangible form of time. I take the characteristics of a found object and engrave them into the stone. Thus, they hold millions of years’ worth of information. Transient and unnoticeable, they bear messages and with their apparently random form they are fragments from the fringes.

Intro by Marzee
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