Germany, Dusseldorf, Hochschule Düsseldorf, 2018


I realised how important people are to me, people that I like, love, need, adore. They co-create my life. They make the atmosphere, they support, they are fun, they provoke, they are annoying sometimes, they are encouraging and challenging, they maybe like me as much as I like them. Through all these positive vibes their personalities can radiate and influence my own little world they are actually heroes to me. Heroes, that I need to have somewhere ready to save me and the mood of the day.

I wanted to find a way to be somehow in touch with them in everyday life easier. Sometimes I just want to feel them close, not necessarily in person.
I have found the solution through jewellery – different objects representing every single one of them.
What I was trying to do was to connect the Function, Form, Material and Colour together in order to capture the specific person as well as my current feelings about them as honestly as possible.

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