Sabina Drăguşanu

United Kingdom, London, CSM (Central St. Martins), 2017

In my collection I consider how people’s values have changed over time by comparing what was praised and cherished in the past with what we consider important today.

Inspired by my own cultural background, I started analysing Romanian embroidery, which has an important role in our folklore in terms of clothing. I am fascinated by how much meaning there is behind it, and how nothing is random; each symbol is very powerful and it is there for a reason and each piece of clothing tells a story. Respect for Mother Nature was crucial to Romanian tradition and this was demonstrated by wearing these symbols every day. Today, people do not cherish nature that much, and what they always carry with them is their smart phone. With this in mind I redesigned traditional Romanian embroidery and I replaced the meaningful symbols of nature with more contemporary ones: the logos of social media apps, Wi-Fi, phones and so on, to make a point about the nature of today’s society.


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