Germany, Hildesheim, HAWK (Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst.) 2017

Dystopian Future

In recent times there has been an intriguing rise in the production of dystopian literature, movies and even music. As Agnes Heller puts it, dystopian scenarios enable us better than utopian ones, they risk glancing at a future which is not wanted, to present a warning beacon.

In my work I explore several dystopian scenarios by assembling jewellery as well as text fragments that imbue all the pieces with a certain tone, situating them within a particular atmosphere. The pieces all share certain formal features such as the use of uncut gemstones and rare mineral formations in combination with either dark or dirty building materials. The general atmosphere of all pieces should be slightly detached, a bit off-key and awkward.

Intro by Marzee
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