USA, San Diego, San Diego State University, 2019

Each time we engage with web 2.0, we are giving away information to marketers about how we can be ‘reached’. Findings observes the complex search and opportunistic responsiveness of web 2.0 via Google search. In 2016, some of the top Google searches were; ‘how to be funny’, ‘how to be myself’ and ‘how to look younger’. These queries were the starting point for Findings, a deeper investigation into our relationship with digital technology, self-improvement, marketing and psychology.


The recontextualised carabiners of Findings are vehicles for collecting all our needs and wants in an attempt to ‘complete’ our search. The carabiner, a type of hardware originally used in mountain climbing, has become ubiquitous in America as both a keychain and symbol – a contemporary tool kit capable of attaching all the things we need onto our body. In many ways, it embodies the spirit of self-reliance that inclines us toward tools like Google search.


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