USA, San Diego, San Diego State University, 2019


My work explores the function of the souvenir and its capacity to elicit longing. I examine themes such as collecting, nostalgia, memory and sentimentality to help understand our impulse to recall, capture and re-live our experiences. Ultra-Memento acknowledges the value and impact of experience while also questioning whether it is grounded in reality or fantasy.

Souvenirs of Reflection
embodies or commemorates an ambiguous, mythical past. Pieced together iconography of childhood recollections and the stories of my family, they encompass a layered familial history. Souvenirs of Projection is a departure from the melancholic disposition of nostalgia, aiming to generate new dreams and fantasies of the near future. They affirm the act of seeking enjoyment, conjuring enchantment and gleeful self-delusion. The work encourages us to manifest and carry our fantasies, ideologies and experiences. It embodies a sublime, ambiguous experience that encourage us to correlate our own fuzzy memories or surreal imaginings and enjoy the illusion.


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