Spain, Barcelona, Escola Massana, 2017

I collect things that I find in everyday places.

Hands coated in porcelain, earth, oxides, cover the fabric. The little treasures begin to talk in the middle of a dance, in the search, perhaps, for an inexact and inaccurate position. They play the part of an awkward alchemist.

I surround the found treasures by creating a bundle like a reliquary – the memory is trapped between the folds. I take them to the kiln, where the fire slowly transforms them. They are intermingled, decomposed and recomposed in different ways, moving from reality to the imaginary, from the determined to the indeterminate.

Once the metamorphosis is complete, I gradually reveal them. Like a paleontologist I pick out the folds, trying to reconstruct the story. I want to find the soul, the essence that is hidden, make visible the invisible.


Intro by Marzee
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