Japan, Tokyo, Hiku Mizuno College of Jewelry, 2018/2019

I thrive in the ritual moments of everyday life, constantly exploring the paths I walk and find comfort in. Walking is how I observe these transitory moments and time at my workbench generates and sustains the same ritual atmosphere. I want to reify these liminalities, bringing them into the concrete world through jewellery. I am fascinated by our tendency to leave marks and gather them as we wander – how our bodies are marked physically, emotionally and psychologically. Through carving and engraving silver or graphite, I am able to both reveal the sublime surfaces and embed myself into the work. Form is not the goal but an outcome that enables a tangible relationship to the ephemeral

Jewellery is the ultimate format for continuing these intimate moments through the experience of each wearer. The body stands within the form of a necklace. It is not placed on the body but brings body into place – tracing the curves and landscapes of our physical existence in the same way our bodies conform to existing paths when walking.

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