Switzerland, Geneva, Haute école d’art et de design, 2018

For this collection, I have taken inspiration from the 17th-18th century, an epoch that highlights my heritage. At first sight, this may seem old-fashioned, an era when the nobility, the patricians and the bourgeoisie formed a more homogeneous group than today. I see myself as guardian of this heritage.

In Valais (Switzerland) vast rocky walls have been carved by the glaciers which gave birth to the rivers that eventually feed into the Rhône. How many great men would be intimidated by their imposing and mysterious appearance?

Siviez is a hamlet in Valais, populated by cows and a few inhabitants.

They have a Marquis, Mon Seigneur le Marquis de Siviez. He has inherited this place and searches for something with which to symbolise his gratitude to the mountains, so he creates Regalia – Tribute to the Mountain.

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