Bérénice Noël

Switzerland, Geneva, Haute école d’art et de design, 2018

Beyond this fantasised horizon lies a mysterious island.

Delicately, it floats and shimmers on peaceful water, like an unexpected oasis.

Its rocks are intertwined with strange accretions, hallucinatory vegetation: pearly waterfalls, weightless clusters of gold and mother-of-pearl.

The island reveals itself as an accumulation of torn clothing, upon which disturbing jewels are enthroned. Hidden beneath, sharp-clawed hooks await new prey: a wedding band engraved Forever Yours and pearly bone-like structures are long-since trapped. She imagines a woman, a siren, who creates jewels as traps for men, from fishhooks, treasures from stranded ships….

Noël plays with the idea of the trap in her work – hiding hooks amongst pearls, stones or bone-like structures, revealing them only when one gets close.

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